Upload and Create a Sophos UTM ProfitBricks Data Center

  1. Download the sophos UTM iso, http://download.astaro.com/UTM/v9/software_appliance/iso/latest_asg_v9_software.iso

  2. Either purchase a Sophos UTM License, or for testing purposes, go to this link and get a free license. On the page, click the green “Get Started” button and register for the free license which will be emailed to you.

  3. Use a FTP Client, such as FileZilla, to upload the Sophos ISO to your ProfitBricks account.

    FTP setup

  4. Put the ISO in the the “iso-images” folder

  5. Once the Upload is complete Login to your ProfitBricks Data Center Designer

  6. Click the "Create New Data Center" button

    Create Data Center

  7. Name the Data Center “Primary Data Center and Click “Create”

    Create Data Center

  8. On the top menu of the Data Center Designer click the "Manage IP Addresses" button

    Manage IP Addresses

  9. Reserve 2 IPs in the “North America” Location the click “Reserve IPs now”

    IP Manager

  10. A box will appear telling you that it is $5 a month per Public IP, Click “OK”.

    Reserve IPs

  11. Close the IP Manager window

  12. In the Data Center Manager create a new server and drag a connect to the “Access to Internet Box”

    Access to Internet

  13. Click on the new server you created and in the “Inspect” menu on the right. Name the server “Primary Sophos UTM” and give it “2” Core and “2” GB of RAM. Finally select “linux” as the Operating System

    Primary Data Center

  14. Now create a second server in the Data Center and connect it to the Sophos Server

    Create Second Server

  15. Click on the second server you created and in the “Inspect” menu on the right. Name the server “Primary Web Server” and give it “2” Core and “2” GB of RAM. Finally select “linux” as the Operating System

    Select OS

  16. Click on the “Networking” Tab and under NIC1 set the Name as “eth0”


  17. Click on the Primary Web Server Storage Volume and then set the image as the default Ubuntu 14.04 image from ProfitBricks.

    Set Default Image

  18. Now click on the the Primary Sophos UTM Server and in the Inspect Panel click on the Networking tab

  19. Give the NIC1 the name “eth0” and set the Primary IP to one of the static IPs that you reserved at the beginning of this guide. Then, give NIC2 the name “eth1”. Then, click anywhere in the Blank Gray Background of the Data Center.

    NIC name

  20. Now click on the the Primary Sophos UTM Server again. Then in the Inspect Panel click on the Storages tab. Click the "Add CD/DVD Drive" button. Add CD Drive

  21. In the Image Menu click “Set Image / Snapshot Here” then “My Own Images” and select the Sophos ISO that you uploaded.

  22. Make sure “Boot from Device” is select for the CD-ROM /DVD Drive

    Boot from Device

  23. Then click “Unapplied Changes” and last the “Provision” button

  24. Provisioning can take several minutes. When it is complete a box will pop up letting you provisioning has been completed successfully. Click the “OK” button.

    Provisioning Confirmation

  25. You are Finished with this Guide please proceed to the tutorial called “Part Two - Installing and configuring Sophos UTM”

Using FileZilla to Upload the Sophos ISO

  1. Open FileZilla and select File then Site Manager
  2. In the Site Manager window click the New Site button
  3. Set the Host to: ftp-las.profitbricks.com
  4. Set the Port to: 21
  5. Set the Logon Type to: Normal
  6. Enter your ProfitBricks Login in the User field
  7. Enter your ProfitBricks Password in the Password field
  8. Click the Connect button

FTP setup

  • I've used the Sophos firewall at Profitbricks for almost a year now, it is a solid solution when you need more granular control of your traffic. Wish I had this tutorial when I was deploying it :)

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