Setup a Three Node Cluster at ProfitBricks

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One of the more common deployments you may find yourself needing is a three node cluster. The guidance in this tutorial will walk you through how to create a generic three-node cluster within the DCD.

Setup the Cluster in your Datacenter

You will want to log into your Data Center Designer and create a new Data Center. In our example we created a datacenter named three-node-cluster.

1. From the palette add four Assemblies into the diagramming area.

Since we're simply doing a proof of concept we'll keep our initial spec low; however, define these to fit your end goal with this tutorial. Also, remember that ProfitBricks allows you to independently scale core and memory so you can start small and grow the cluster resources on an as needed basis.

In our test environment we're configuring the values to be:

| Setting | Value | |:--|---| | Cores | 1 | | RAM | 2 | | OS Image | Ubuntu-14.04-LTS-Server |

We'll go ahead and name the first three instances node001, node002, and node003. The fourth can be named shell001 and will serve as our proxy server into the datacenter. Our cluster will only be accessible via the private network.

The OS image can be any of them. Choose the one that best suits your cluster needs.

2. Add three additional HDD Storage objects to your datacenter. These will be your general data volumes. Attach these to the three cluster nodes.

3. Configure your networking.

In our test environment we create only three LANs:

LAN1 is public facing and should be assigned to only the shell001 server.

LAN2 is private and should be connected to all instances. This will be your general private network that all instances in your datacenter will communicate across.

LAN3 is a private heart-beat network between the cluster nodes. Only connect your three nodes to this LAN.

You should assign values to the following properties:

| Property | Value | |:--|---| | Name | your choice, alphanumeric | | Primary IP | use a private space here, e.g. | | DHCP | unchecked |

Your datacenter should look something like this:

4. At this point you're ready to provision your three node cluster. You should receive an email confirmation by email soon.