ProfitBricks Unique Features

Price & Peformance

ProfitBricks provides the next generation of Cloud Computing IaaS. It's a KVM Based – Cloud Computing IaaS service, built on InfiniBand network interconnects and in-house developed provisioning, metering and billing, built on premium commodity hardware and housed in top-tier data centers.

Cloud 2.0 Architecture

  • InfiniBand
  • Dedicated CPU Cores
  • Dedicated RAM
  • Redundant Storage x2


InfiniBand is eight times faster than the fastest Ethernet (80 GBit/s). Not just a fast network, Infiniband enables better features. Virtualization is a game of Tetris and ProfitBricks can move the pieces.

Customers get:

  • Customizable VMs at launch
  • Live vertical scaling
  • Better performance with Dedicated CPU Cores and RAM

Fully Customizable Virtual Servers

  • 1 ProfitBricks CPU Core = 4 ECU’s at Amazon
  • 1 to 62 AMD cores (Dedicated)
  • 1 to 240 GB RAM on AMD Infrastructure (Dedicated)
  • 1 to 27 Intel Cores including Hyperthreads (Dedicated)
  • 1 to 120 GB RAM on Intel Infrastructure (Dedicated)
  • Up to 16 virtual drives on each virtual server with 1 to 16,000 GB of HDD storage per drive or 1 to 1,000 GB SSD storage per drive
  • Up to 8 virtual network interface cards (NICs) per virtual server
  • Any operating system or customer provided images (compatible with Intel/AMD architecture)

Live Vertical Scaling

Completely flexible Virtual Servers – with ability to scale up at runtime. Users can add CPU cores & RAM without a reboot.

2x The Performance

  • 4.4x FASTER than Amazon EC2 (Unixbench)
  • 2.2x FASTER than Amazon EC2 (Apache Benchmark)

Easier To Set Up And Maintain

Data Center Designer (DCD) enables:

  • Drag and Drop Deployments
  • Create and View Complex Networks
  • Manage IPs, Firewalls, Images


  • Leverage Software-Defined Data Centers and Networks
  • Over 50 calls covering servers, storage, networking


  • Custom Instance Size
  • Network Design Freedom


  • 80 Gb/s Networking
  • Guaranteed CPU Cores and RAM
  • No over-provisioning or throttling


  • Drag & Drop Deployments
  • Full API


  • Live Vertical Scaling with No Reboot
  • Horizontal or Vertical


  • 61% to 80% Less than Amazon

Authentic Value – Price Leader

  • No Preset Plans, Packages or Instance Sizes
  • No Long-Term Commitments or Contracts
  • Free networking, I/O
  • Free phone/email Sys-Admin level support
  • Simple Pricing Terms, based on 4 factors.
  • Generous discounts and commissions for our partners.

ProfitBricks: The Unbound Cloud

  • Reliable Environments – zero maintenance downtime environments
  • Compute Performance – flexible resources – CPU (dedicated) and RAM (dedicated)
  • InfiniBand based Software Defined Network – complete network flexibility
  • Modern Hypervisor – KVM
  • Price/Performance Leadership – ProfitBricks is 1/2 the price of Amazon EC2, while still having at least 2x the performance.

Rapid Innovation:

  • Giant Instance Sizes with Live Vertical Scaling
  • 80Gb/s Networking between servers and storage
  • Live Vertical Scaling
  • Easy Snapshot Tool
  • Bring Your Own Images
  • Data Center Designer Tool
  • Minute Based Billing

Data Center Designer

Our new visual drag-and-drop interface lets businesses completely re-imagine the data center, free of legacy encumbrances. The DCD is so intuitive as a data center management tool that even non-technical employees can use it to understand and modify infrastructure and resources. It is the latest of our offerings which help to free organisations from the limited, inflexible choices provided by first generation cloud computing industry incumbents. We provide a better, ‘unbound’ cloud experience that delivers on the true promise of cloud computing.

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