How to Update an IPFire Server

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This tutorial is a follow up for the Install IPFire Linux Firewall tutorial. After the IPFire server has been installed and running for a while, you may see a "Notice:" message in red text on the home screen of the web interface indicating that a newer version of the IPFire software has been released.

IPFire Needs Core Update


This tutorial assumes you already have access to a running IPFire firewall that needs to be updated to a current release.

Installing the Update

Clicking the "Notice: There is..." link will take you to the "Pakfire Configuration" screen of IPFire. You can also access this from the menu by going to IPFire->Pakfire.

IPFire Pakfire Configuration

Review the items in section above the "upgrade" icon that is highlighted by a yellow box in the screenshot above. If the items listed seem reasonable, go ahead and start the upgrade by pressing the button.

IPFire Upgrade Started

Your screen will change to something similar to these as the update files are downloaded and installed. The screen will refresh periodically during this process.

IPFire Upgrade Progressing

Eventually, when the update has been applied, you should should be returned to the normal "Pakfire Configuration" screen. Notice that under "System Status:" the "Core-Update-Level:" has changed. This change is also reflected in the lower left section of the page footer.


In red text we are notified that a reboot is required to finish the update that has been applied. Not all updates will require a reboot.

IPFire Update Needs Restart

If we proceed to System->Home using the top navigation menu, we will observe the same "An update requires a restart!" in red text.

IPFire Update Needs Restart Home

You may wish to log into the Profitbricks DCD and open up a remote console to the IPFire firewall. That way you can observe the reboot process and keep an eye out for any issues during the shutdown and restart.

To restart the IPFire server, navigate to System->Shutdown and then choose Reboot on the "Shutdown Control" screen.

IPFire Shutdown Control Reboot

If you have a remote console open, you will see some activity as IPFire reboots.

IPFire Console Shutdown Output


Once the server has rebooted successfully, confirm the version appears as expected and the notice to restart has been cleared.

IPFire Reboot Success

It would also be a good idea to check basic functionality of your firewall. Confirm that it is passing traffic as expected. Perhaps review Logs->System Logs to see if anything unusual has appeared.

IPFire Review System Logs


You are welcome to post here or in the Profitbricks Community if you have any questions or comments on this tutorial.