How to Configure ConnectWise Integration


This tutorial will assist you in configuring integration between ConnectWise and the ProfitBricks Billing API.

Download and Install the Connectwise Desktop Application

We need to configure some settings for the integration. This cannot be done from the ConnectWise web application. Therefore we need to run the Internet/Desktop app.

Get it from the ConnectWise website

Select the appropriate platform (32-bit or 64-bit) and then press the Install button to download the installer file. It should be named ConnectWise-Internet-Client-x64.msi for the 64-bit version.

Download desktop installer

Once the file is downloaded, install it on your workstation, then launch it. Log in with your ConnectWise credentials.

Launch desktop client

From the left navigation, choose the three gears icon to bring out the System menu and then open Setup Tables.

System setup tables

Once that is open, search for integrator to locate the Integrator Login table. Click the link to see the contents of the table.

Search for Integrator login

Use the + button to add a new user.

Integrator add new user

Create a username and password and make a note of them as we will need them again shortly.

There is a rather long section to scroll through. It will look similar to this screenshot:

Integrator add new user one

We need to make a number of changes to it.

Use the drop-down menu to change the Access Level to All Records.

All Records plus Contact and Company API

Check the boxes for the following API(s):

  • Contact API
  • Company API
  • Invoice API
  • Product API
  • Agreement API

Invoice and Product API

Agreement API

Do not forget to use the Diskette icon to Save the changes.

Log into the MSP App and Configure the Integration

Use this link to bring up the application:

ProfitBricks MSP Web Application

CW App Login screen

Enter your ProfitBricks user credentials.

CW App Login screen

Once logged in, enter the same credentials and press the Authorize Access button.

CW App Login screen

Fill out the requested information for the user we setup in the Integration Services System table in the ConnectWise Desktop application and press Authorize Access. This will add ProfitBricks as a vendor and import ProfitBricks products into ConnectWise.

Once authorized, it will load briefly:

CW App Login screen

Then you will be switched to the Companies screen and will be able to continue using the application.

CW App Login screen