When NOT to use Cassandra?

here has been a lot of talk related to Cassandra lately.

Twitter, Digg, Facebook, etc all use it.

When does it make sense to:

use Cassandra, not use Cassandra, and use a RDMS instead of Cassandra.

Thanks in Advance

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Hello - I just wanted to add a quick note to this question, as I noticed there haven't been any responses yet. Hopefully somebody with some experience working with Cassandra can weigh in and provide some helpful pointers.

I haven't worked with Cassandra very much yet, however, I have worked with MongoDB a fair amount. Choosing a RDBMS vs. a NoSQL database is a complex decision as it really depends on your application and the desired data model. Based on my experience, I would strongly suggest that you understand why you are looking at going to a NoSQL database. If you just want to use something "new" and try to make it work like a RDBMS, you'll just run into headaches. NoSQL databases seem to be superior solutions for certain use cases, but they are not designed as a drop in replacement for a RDBMS.