Running Windows Server Technical Previews on ProfitBricks

I would like to run the latest Windows Server Technical Preview in a ProfitBricks vDC. How would I go about uploading and then starting up a build using the VHD provided by Microsoft? Is there any prep work that needs to be done within the image before I attempt to start using it on ProfitBricks?

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If you are trying to move a physical or virtual Windows server image to our platform as a .vhd file, an easy way to do it, would be through the “Windows Server Backup” (located under Administrative Tools). Just follow the one-time backup wizard under the "Action" menu and FTP upload the image to the HDD Folder. After the image upload use the "Windows Recovery Tools" image(available as a virtual CD-ROM within the Data Center Designer) and the “restore from a previous image” option. For more details about the server upload please check the following link:

In case you are dealing with a VHDX file format, please makes sure to convert it to a dynamic VHD image using the Hyper-V Manager, before you try to upload it to our platform. Alternatively, you can also convert it using the following PowerShell command:

Convert VHD -Path myImage.vhdx -destinationpath .myImage.vhd -VHDType Dynamic

To convert Hyper-V images you can use the following command: kvm-img convert –f vpc –O raw hyperv_Image.vhd PB_Image.img

Once you have successfully uploaded the image, make sure you install the VirtIO drivers in order to enable the network and the storage to run best on our KVM-based infrastructure.