Running Docker Containers at ProfitBricks

I’m wondering how best to run Docker containers at ProfitBricks. What resources should I start out with?

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You can indeed run Docker containers at ProfitBricks. There are a few articles on Docker in our tutorials section you can follow. With regards to resources I assume you mean server resources such as cores, memory, and disk. There is no real firm answer here; it all depends on what your container(s) will be doing; however, what you could do is start with a low amount of cores and memory and dynamically increment those on the fly if you begin to see performance issues. For example, I have a container running Grafana within InfluxDB on an Ubuntu 14.04 host. The host only has 1GB of memory and 1 core. This has been a great setup for testing containers. I imagine if I were to add more containers I’d need to add more resources. The great thing about PB and what I like about PB is the ability to -- at a granular level -- adjust give or take away resources from my running systems.

To address your second question, no, the API does not currently support interacting with containers in the same way you do with server instances.

  • A list of tutorials is available here: