Remote console on Firefox keys sent twice


I wanted to use ProfitBricks in Firefox running on Mac OS Yosemite. The problem is when I connect to the remote console, each key I press on the keyboard is sent twice. See screenshot here:

  • **bold**
  • _italics_
  • `code`
  • ```code block```
  • # Heading 1
  • ## Heading 2
  • > Quote

Hi! I understand the issue you're facing. On Mac OS, when using Chrome, I didn't experience this problem. I will further investigate and will keep you posted. Meanwhile please try to use Chrome and keep us posted.

  • Hi!

    I was experiencing same problem. Now Chrome has discontinued support for the NPAPI, and Oracle does not appear to have any plans for a migration. Not that we need the console very often, but it is good to have as a last option in case of connectivity issues. Maybe it is time to move on to something more modern, e.g. an HTML5-based VNC implementation?

  • Thanks for bringing this up. We are aware of this change and currently working on an HTML console. Meanwhile, Safari would be a good alternative. I will keep you posted with our progress through this thread as well.