Provision servers with Salt-Cloud

We are planning to use saltstack to deploy/manage our servers. Saltstack has a tool to provision systems on various clouds providers called salt-cloud.

I saw that Profitbricks already supports libcloud, which is used by Salt-Cloud (see:

Are there plans to support Salt-Cloud in the near future?

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Yes, we have plans to support Salt Stack in the near future. As we plan it out, are there things missing in the libcloud implementation that you, as a user, would need in a Salt implementation?

Thanks. -matt

  • Great to hear that.

    I haven't used libcloud so far, so I can't say if something is missing, right now.

    Is there an ETA for the Salt-Cloud support? Or some kind of "early-adopter" thing?

    Thanks for the quick response, Thilo

  • I would expect the Salt implementation to be finished in the next 6 weeks or so. We can discuss requirements if there are certain features you're looking for over others. I would love to have an "early adopter" use it :) Are you OK with me pinging you via email?

  • Sure! Feel free to ping me. (Sorry for the late answer... I don't get any notifications if there are new messages in the community)