provider for vagrant?

I am wondering there is on Github a profitbricks project concerning this for month, but still no content. Will this project go live in near future or are there alternatives?


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Hi Tommi,

There is a fork of that project available at which is mostly complete. You are welcome to give it a try. You'll want to pay attention to the info in the, as there are some things to watch out for.

We intend to have the full release available in Q1 2016.


Thanks for sharing the location. Unfortunately, i cant install it using usual "vagrant plugin install vagrant-profitbricks" -- it cannot be found. Maybe you have an advice, how to install directly from github sources.


For those like me are newbees on ruby the plugin installation from source succeeded for me following these steps

  1. install git,
  2. install ruby and ruby devkit from
  3. execute the following

gem install bundler

git clone

cd vagrant-profitbricks

bundle # will install a lot of modules

gem build vagrant-profitbricks.gemspec # will create the plugin gem file

vagrant plugin install vagrant-profitbricks-0.1.0dev.gem #install the newly created plugin

While playing with the vagrant provider i got a location image error when i try to use the image CentOS-6-server-2016-01-01 which is listed as available in my datacenter

rs.flavor = /Small/ <br/> rs.image = "CentOS-6-server-2016-01-01"

body          => "<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?><S:Envelope xmlns:S=\"\"><S:Body><S:Fault xmlns:ns4=\"\"><faultcode>S:Server</faultcode><faultstring> Please refer to Request Id : 21483381. [VDC-6-759] This image was uploaded in location us/las, so cannot use in location de/fra</faultstring><detail><ns2:ProfitbricksServiceFault xmlns:ns2=\"\"><faultCode>BAD_REQUEST</faultCode>httpCode>400</httpCode><message> Please refer to Request Id : 21483381. [VDC-6-759] This image was uploaded in location us/las, so cannot use in location de/fra</message><requestId>21483381</requestId></ns2:ProfitbricksServiceFault></detail></S:Fault></S:Body>

any hints?

Why it is not allowed to leave the image empty ?

What would be the syntax to define and boot from iso image?


  • Hi Thomas, i have the same problem.

    Any ideas to fix this ?

    Greetings, Oliver

No glue, looks like profitbricks internal stuff. Our local suppport decline answers to vagrant integration and pointed me to this forum but even here is also either no answer at all or in an accetable timeframe from PB staff. It looks like all devs are bounded to other topics.


Just jumping into the thread. We're still on track to ship the supported version of Vagrant for ProfitBricks this quarter. The repo referenced is a work in progress and is a "use at your own risk" type of thing. Once it's released documentation will be published that will help resolve your issue. Our hope is this comes in in March.

Thanks. -matt

  • Hi, i would be proud, to assist you as a beta tester for this vagrant plugin.

    Thanks, Oliver

  • hi matt, do you have any update about the progress for this plugin ??

    greetings, oliver

  • @owolf this is still in the pipe for April. we have most of it done except for the SSH key support. Tnx.

Hi Matt, any news ?

Greetings, Oliver

Hello Oliver,

This has been delayed while we work on refactoring the Fog library that this depends on. We are still hoping to have it ready for release this "summer" but I don't have a definite date for that yet.