Provide volume with an image

I try

root@s18072557:~# profitbricks volume create --datacenterid cff4371b-561f-4c39-8488-1276da2177a7 --imageid 6d761f98-5058-11e5-bfc6-52540066fee9 --name BootVolume2 --size 10 --bus VIRTIO --bootVolume --licencetype LINUX --cpuHotPlug --cpuHotUnplug --ramHotPlug --ramHotUnplug --nicHotPlug --nicHotUnplug --discVirtioHotPlug --discVirtioHotUnplug --discScsiHotPlug --discScsiHotUnplug

In DCD I can see the volume, but without any image. What's wrong?

with profitbricks volume list --datacenterid cff4371b-561f-4c39-8488-1276da2177a7 I can't see the images on all volumes. Can I use CLI to see the provided images on volumes ?

Ciao, Peter

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Hello Peter,

It looks like there is a bug in the CLI and it isn't properly handling the --imageid parameter during volume create requests. We've opened a ticket with our development team and will get it addressed in an upcoming update to the CLI.