Hello all,

why do I need the CREATE_DATA_CENTER_PRIVILEGE to build an packer image for profitbricks? I have only one active datacenter at profitbricks, how coud I use it?

greetings, Georg

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Hi Georg,

Just wanted to follow up and see if my previous response answered your question satisfactorily. Based on the intended usage of the Packer Builder tool, it isn't designed to utilize an existing virtual data center, but instead creates a new one so that it can properly clean up provisioned resources after it has completed its job. Since it must create a new data center, you need to have the CREATE_DATA_CENTER_PRIVILEGE to use it.



thank you :-)

Hello Georg,

The Packer Builder tool is designed to create a new virtual data center and provision a server according to your specifications. Once that is done, it takes a snapshot of the server and stores that snapshot. The virtual data center, server, and any associated resources other than the snapshot are deleted automatically. You can then use the snapshot to provision servers inside whatever existing or new virtual data center you would like, in the same region/location.

Does that answer your question?