node cli not working from a project directory

I installed the node profitbricks cli as described in the tutorial in a centos6 box. Unfortunately, it will only start if i execute this directly from the module path (after i fixed the wrong line ending ). If i try to run it from within my project this leads in any case only to a short message similar

    >profitbricks --version
: No such file or directory

I am not familar with node, maybe someone has an advice to fix it.


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Hi Tommi,

We were able to duplicate the issue you were seeing and it should be corrected now.

To resolve the issue, please uninstall by running:

npm uninstall -g profitbricks-cli

and then install the latest version by running:

npm install -g profitbricks-cli


looks like it works

profitbricks --version 1.1.1