Multiple routed public IPs

I'm trying to set up multiple Docker containers, and I want to assign different IPs on the same VM. Can you please provide me with more details on how this would work on your platform?

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If you want multiple routed IP addresses on a single interface, you would have to reserve the IP addresses, using the IP Manager. You can drag&drop each new interface to the public internet object in the data center designer. By default, in case you don't reserve the IP, this process will give a DHCP address. You should reserve IP's, in case you don't want the IP addresses assigned to a specific interface to change. In this case I would also recommend you to reserve a block that you can assign out each individually to each interface.

By default we provide a free public IP, so if you want multiple DHCP addresses, they will need to be on separate interfaces. As for additional secondary, third, etc. IP addresses (such as eth0:1, eth0:2), as opposed to eth0, eth1, eth2, then you can simply configure these on the server and add the default gateway in each interfaces configuration file. The netmask will need to be as each block of IP addresses we provide are part of /24 subnets.