Migrate existing server to the cloud

I read on your website about the different type of images your platform supports for import. I'm wondering, what is the easiest way to convert a physical server to one of those formats, for a quick deployment?

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The steps are different depending on what operating system you're using.

For Linux OS's, I've been able to successfully run a DD to get a dump of the entire drive and all of it's partitions. This usually requires a second hard drive or some other location to store the dumped drive (250G drive = 250G disk dump).

# dd if=/dev/sda of=/drive2/sda.img bs=64k conv=noerrror,sync

The above will dump the entire disk, bit-for-bit including all partitions under /dev/sda which will typically also include the boot partition, etc. Once that is done, you can compress it into qcow2 (qemu) image format:

# qemu-img convert -c -f raw -O qcow2 /drive2/sda.img /drive2/sda_qcow2.img

The above will convert+compress the dumped data which you can then transfer via FTP to our servers. After some processing and copying time, you should see it listed under your images management panel and be able to provision a new server using that image.

There are different ways of preparing and creating images of physical or virtual machines. One of the easiest tools you can use, that we also recommend is VMware vCenter Converter. This tool will help you convert your Windows and Linux- based physical machines to a VMware virtual images(.vmdk format).

More information about how to prepare an image, and how to deploy it on our platform you can find in our Online Help section here.