making arangodb cluster

Hello I'm using arangodb version 3.1.16 my question is that how to enable cluster mode in web interface like enabling the cluster mode in version arangodb 2.8 ? please help me.when i am changing in arangod.conf file like given below:

[cluster] disable-dispatcher-kickstarter = no disable-dispatcher-frontend = no

after this change i can't restart arangodb service.

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You install ArangoDB in the usual way as a binary package. Then, on host A, simply do (in an empty directory):


This will use port 4000 to wait for colleagues (three are needed for a resilient agency). On host B, (can be the same as A), you do:


This will contact A on port 4000 and register. On host C (can be same as A or B), do:


This will contact A on port 4000 and register.

From the moment that three have joined, each will fire up an agent, a coordinator, and a DBserver — and the cluster is up. Ports are shown on the console.

Additional servers can be added in the same way.

If two or more of the arangodb instances run on the same machine, one has to use the --dataDir option to let each use a different directory.

hello veni..

The arangodb program will find the ArangoDB executable and the other installation files automatically.

So far, the tool is experimental, but it works on Linux, OSX, and Windows and even allows users to mix different operating systems. One should use ArangoDB 3.1.4 or higher for it. The code can be found in this GitHub repository. The contains building, installation, and usage instructions.

Please give it a try, we are curious about your opinion and are looking forward to your feedback, be it positive or negative. You can let us know what you think by opening an issue in the relevant GitHub repository.

If people like this, we might bundle it with the distribution and maybe even make it the default way to launch ArangoDB manually.

  • hope this will helpful to you