LVS features no longer in the DCD

Where are the LVS features listed in the DCD? How do I know if my image is capable of scaling or not?!

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The LVS feature is automatically enabled for all the ProfitBricks supported images. You can also check within the DCD, once the machine is provisioned, select the storage and under the Inspector panel, hover over the image. You can now see all the LVS features enabled.

  • When i add 'cores' and/or 'RAM' and go to provision. IT tells me that the server will reboot. Its not supposed to happen with LVS. Whats wrong?

What kind of Linux flavor are you using? Or is it a Windows image?

  • its CentOS 6.6 final.

Is this the ProfitBricks default image or is it an image you have uploaded yourself? In this case, what kernel version is it running? Special kernel modules and options are needed in order for LVS to work. In addition to that, when you upload your own image, you have to manually enable these features within Image Manager.