looking for scripting best practice

Hi, I tried some scripting using terraform and salt-cloud in the past to configure my datacenters. There have been a lot of things I didn´t get running out of the box. I´m wondering whether there are some sample scripts out for configuring a dc as a template or starting point. Not only for me it would be great to have such a template for terraform or salt-cloud (or both :-)). I have the following requirements for my dc (only as an idea)

one dc connected to the internet
tree hosts 
    using a "standard" linux distribution
    connected to one private lan without firewall
    connected to a public lan using a "out-only" firewall
    knowing each other by FQDN (using /etc/hosts) with private ip-addresses 
    have ssh-keys (and known_hosts entries) profided for login to each other (root)
    are "salted" (preconfigured saltstack at least for masterless salt)
    or for instance have docker installed

one host
    may have a public ip-address with a given firewall (80, 443, 22)
    same /etc/hosts and so one

some more features
    having additional(data) volumes connected to the hosts

It would be great to find such stuff as a starting point for my future dcs. Many thanks, Uli

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