Live Vertical Scaling Functionality

Can you please explain the Live Vertical Scaling feature in detail and how can I leverage it within a real environment?

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The Live Vertical Scaling technology allows you to increase the amount of CPU cores and/or RAM while the server is running, without triggering a server reboot. Windows based systems will only allow CPU core scaling live and RAM with a very fast reboot(15-20 seconds). Linux-based images that we support will enable LVS and allow you to live scale resources if needed. Using the API you can fully automate your system to scale based on specific thresholds (example 80% CPU load), in order to fine-tune your system during regular operation hours without manual control.

If you bring your own linux-based image it is recommended to have a kernel above 2.6.25 in order to take advantage of these features, by enabling Scale CPU and Scale RAM options in the DCD or using the API. Fedora 9 and above should also support it. If you meet these requirements, then your system should also be virtIO-compatible, meaning you can take full advantage of our built-in performance.