Launch console via API?

Hi, we are writing an .aspx page to give some controlled access to a user to a specific DCD via API. We got all working except we also wanted to give them access to the server console via this page. We have all the ports open but it's seems like there is some other security issue we are missing. So, first questions: is the console available via API at all without us being inside the DCD? If so, how do you invoke it?

Thanks Nathan

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Hello Nathan,

The console that is accessible in the DCD is only available there. It cannot be accessed outside of the DCD application.

With Linux images you will soon have the option to create/install SSH keys when provisioning servers in the DCD. That ability is already available when using version 2 of the REST API . You may be able to utilize that feature in your application. At the moment, I'm not aware of any such access automation available for Windows images.