IpFire and OpenVPN connecting to other servers on the LAN

Hi everyone...

I am trying to get a vpn established to my data center (I am not a network guy). I followed the following tutorials

IPFire Install Tutorial Open VPN Tutorial

Everything works OK (kind of). I can connect to the VPN using the OpenVPN client and I can ping the VPN server that I have setup. However, I can't ping anything else that is on the LAN. What am I missing?



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Hi N,

This sounds like a routing issue. Did the items in the 'troubleshooting' section of that second tutorial check out okay? ( )

Do the servers in your LAN that you are trying to access over OpenVPN have the IPFire server set as their default gateway? If you feel comfortable posting some details (ip addresses, netstat output) about how your network is configured, I can see if I can spot what the issue is.

OpenVPN is going to give your client an IP address, and it should also push a route to your client that tells it how to access the ip range assigned to your LAN. The servers on the LAN need to be able to send traffic back to OpenVPN. IPFire should take care of that routing if it is set as the default gateway for your LAN servers.



Not setting the default gateway was the issue. Everything is working perfectly now. Thanks so much for your help.



Hello Eric, I can connect through the VPN interface orange? How can I do that? I assign a public IP interface to orange but I can not connect the VPN cleinte .


We have not discussed using the ORANGE interface in the tutorials yet. IPFire uses the ORANGE interface for a DMZ. Perhaps you could explain in some more detail what your current IPFire configuration is and what you would like to accomplish?

Do you have servers in both GREEN and ORANGE that need to be accessed with a VPN? Are you using OpenVPN?