Installing my own operating system

How can I install my own OS flavor (Windows or Linux) on your platform?

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You can feel free to install any x86,x64 compatible OS. If you have the ISO or HDD image, you can upload it via FTPS.

The linux-based image installation is pretty straight forward. You must choose the storage image from your Own Images section as a HDD image, or attach a CD ROM and install it on an empty volume. Make sure you set the bootdevice to initially point to the CD ROM and change it to the storage after the installation has completed.

The installation of the Windows system has to be done with the Storage bus type, set to IDE, which will initially slow down the system performance significantly. In order to change the bus type you have to select the VM → Inspector → Storages → Storages → ' bus type ' → IDE. In this situation you have to install the missing VirtIO and network drivers from the "ProfitBricks Windows-VirtIO -Driver.iso" image available among the default images provided by ProfitBricks. Then the bus type can be changed back to VirtIO, which will trigger a system reboot.

You can also add the ProfitBricks Windows-Virt-I/O-Driver.iso(check versions with the latest one here), as a second CD ROM. In this case you won't have to change the bus type to IDE, as long as you include the network driver during the installation phase.

More information about how to prepare an image, and how to deploy it on our platform you can find in our Online Help section here.