How to choose a best Career Path in DevOps

The DevOps Career Path is not only one of the most profitable, but also one of the most personally satisfying among the many career branches of IT today. According to a salary survey last year by Incapsula, median DevOps salaries are hitting anywhere between $104,000 and $129,230, depending on the size of the team.

Meanwhile, the most recent Puppet Labs State of DevOps report shows that job satisfaction is proving to be a big boon for the kinds of high-performing IT shops that budding DevOps engineers aspire to join—you know, the ones whose employees are more than twice as likely to recommend their organizations as a great place to work.

How to turn yourself into an indispensable DevOps Engineer

But how do you truly build out the skill sets and experience you need, not to mention get your personal brand out there to help land a quality DevOps engineering position? I recently talked to hiring managers and people in DevOps engineering roles to get the best advice on improving one's marketability on the career front.

  • Here are five recommendations, based on their input.
  • Start cross-training now
  • Demonstrate curiosity and empathy
  • Develop your personal brand with community involvement
  • Automation: Prove you can get a lot done with a little
  • Build the skills in the job you have for the job you want
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