GUI support in Ubuntu

I want to run a firewall appliance in my datacenter. I need to support remote client VPN and site-site VPNs. I'd like to use something graphical. When I try the Ubuntu Desktop GUI, I get "Loading extension GLX" and it just sits there. Questions: If I can't run StartX, can I run a GUI based firewall? If not, how can I get startx to work?

I would also accept words of encouragement just to go with IPTables or other command line solutions.

Thanks, Simcha

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I decided to use IPFire. It doesn't use a GUI on the server but has a reasonable web interface for management.

Running a GUI on a server is wasteful of server resources. If you really must run graphical configuration utilities, you can run them on your GUI at home over SSH using something like Cygwin/X. Regards, brother printer keeps going offline, should you have any questions or comments, please let me know