Compatible Firewalls on ProfitBricks

What types of firewalls are supported on your platform?

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Since our platform is x86 compatible, you can feel free and run most of the firewalls. Many hardware-based solutions have also a virtual appliance(image) available, that you can install and configure on a virtual machine. You can use your current or favorite firewall, after uploading the image(can be a .iso or .vmdk file) to our platform, and attach it to a virtual CD-ROM. There's a wide variety of open source solutions like: Iptables, Endian, IPFire, pfSense, Zeroshell etc. Other good firewalls, that also require you to purchase a license from a third party are: Vyatta, Sophos UTM, MikroTik etc.

For more information on how to install a 3rd party image on ProfitBricks. please take a look at this tutorial: Install and Configure Sophos UTM.