Clonezilla - unable to boot?

Hi everyone,

I'm looking to get a disk dump out of my VM in ProfitBricks and Clonezilla is a pretty solid candidate for this. One issue I'm running into with the Live disc is that when you add the CD/DVD Rom, add the Clonezilla ISO, select as boot, once the splash screen comes up and starts booting you get prompted with "overlayfs: missing 'workdir'. I've searched around but can't really find a good workaround to resolve and start working. I get the similar error locally, however it will move on in a few seconds.

I'm using a dual-core AMD setting in ProfitBricks, Clonezilla is the latest stable build (2.5.0-5). The ISO seems to boot just fine when using a local VMware Workstation, so the ISO appears to be fine and have also tested with other versions.

Has anyone else had luck with Clonezilla within ProfitBricks?

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Forgot that ProfitBricks provides a version/image of Clonezilla out of the box already. While it's version 2.3.x, appears that it boots without any issue.

Note: If you are using 2.5.x the default boot option of 800x600 does seem to have this issue in ProfitBricks, however, going into “Other modes of Clonezilla live” and changed to “Safe graphic settings, vga=normal”, appears to allow the boot just fine.