Cannot connect openvpn server from outside network. -OpenVPN in IPFire-


This is for my self learning. I successfully installed IPFire in my VM on my own notebook. i have configured the OpenVPN and manage to create one Host-to-Net Virtual Private Network (RoadWarrior). I try to access the VPN server using my openvpn client from the host and accessible. When i tried from other client from outside network it invalid to access. My target is to create a vpn server from my home, but accessible from other place. May someone please assist me.

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Hello - I'm curious about exactly how you have this setup and was wondering if you could supply some additional details on the configuration.

Is this correct:

  • You can successfully connect from the OpenVPN client running on your notebook's host operating system to the IPFire VM on the same notebook.

  • You cannot successfully connect from another client on a different machine to the IPFire VM on your notebook.

Can you give me an idea of what IP addresses are involved in your configuration? How is the networking for the VM configured? Does it have an IP address on the same network as the notebook host OS? Is there any bridging or NAT involved?