Attaching multiple drives to a VM

What is the process of adding multiple storage volumes to my VM?

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Using the DCD you can drag and drop a second(up to 8 storage blocks per VM), connect to a server and click the "Provision" button in order to apply the changes. Using the API you would have to Create a Volume, mount an image(if needed) and connect the volume to desired server. Please take a look at the following tutorial for more information and CURL examples on how to proceed using the API here.

The process of attaching multiples storage volumes will not reboot your server if your image support Hotplug VirtIO(check the Server - Properties section in the DCD).

After you have successfully attached the volume in the VDC or using the API, you must login into your VM, partition and mount the drive usgin fdisk or gparted. For more details please review the following tutorial: Add Secondary Drives to CentOS / RHEL.