Anyone else seeing Sophos firewall slowness @ ProfitBricks?

I've been running a virtual Sophos firewall for a while now with no issues. Very recently we've come across an issue where the bandwidth is severely constricted (at least 8x slower vs. same config outside the firewall). This is consistent across linux and windows hosts.

Is anyone else seeing this problem? I've rebuilt one of my firewalls, thinking it could have been an update that cause this, but same issue came up with a base install. Trying everything I can find but am not seeing any difference in performance. I have a potential workaround, but it basically entails circumventing the firewall, which is not ideal.

Any ideas on things to try would be appreciated.

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We would probably have to investigate this issue a little bit more behind the scenes. I have a couple of Sophos servers running on ProfitBricks, but I'm not seeing any performance degradation. At this point, I would like to suggest you to make sure the Sophos server is running optimal, for the amount of traffic it needs to handle. In other words, make sure your UTM Server can handle the workload, by monitoring the CPU load and memory load and increase it if needed. Sophos recommends 4 cores, 4/8 GB RAM for high traffic, but I have seen it performing well with 2 cores and 2 GB RAM as well. Since the internet bandwidth is shared among multiple servers, you should also make sure there's no massive usage on one of the machines, that could prohibit the others to perform as they use to.

I will make sure we continue the communication offline in order to help you fix this problem ASAP.

Yes we have started to see this same issue. Sudden performance drop with a 90 second cycle of high latency. Followed recommended performance settings from Sophos with no effect:

Still pending a response from Sophos on the issue