An Image without Password-change

I'm working on ProfitBricks jclouds provider and part of it's abstraction is to access the provisioned server via SSH.

A server provisioned from a ProfitBricks image however, prompts a password change upon first access. Programmatically interacting and changing the password may be possible, but this is not ideal since the user will not have any idea of what the changed password is (where password is usually emailed after provisioning).

Question: Is there any available default image that doesn't prompt for password change on startup? If not, how do I get started with uploading a password-less-on-startup build of an HDD image?

(I tried uploading before a CDROM type, but is not applicable to this case.)

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There's a couple of ways you could avoid changing the image password: when you provision a machine using your own image, when you use a snapshot image , or when you perform a fresh install

You can create a snapshot, either from a default ProfitBricks image or after you have imported your own image. The newly created snapshot won't prompt you for a password change.

Are you are setting the root login password through the API, using the "profitBricksImagePassword" function? This will only work for ProfitBricks provided images and not images you upload. In case a password is not specified one will be automatically generated.

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  • @kfk19 Just to clarify, when you pass the profitBricksImagePassword will this still prompt for the password change?

  • Yes, if it is your first time accessing the server, you would still have to change the password. It is a security measure, since the API password it is limited to letters and numbers only.